With the huge range of feminized seeds on offer you can choose from a truly massive range of strains, all with perfected genetics to ensure that every feminized seed planted will produce an optimum level of bulging buds and all the magical feminine properties every cannabis grower is looking for.
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Feminised Cannabis SeedsG13 Labs Seeds

White Lavender - Feminized - G13 Labs Seeds

White Lavender spectacular potency can be tricky – planted indoor can grow way too big. White Widow genes are controlling this excessive growth a little what makes it easier to...
Feminised Cannabis SeedsG13 Labs Seeds

White Critical - Feminized - G13 Labs Seeds

Two of the most well known, respected almost historic varieties got crossed together. The result of blending White Widow with Critical is a good news for new and inexperienced cultivators...
Auto Flowering Cannabis SeedsFeminised Cannabis Seeds

West Coast OG x Gelato #41 Auto - Feminzed & Autoflowering - Green House Seeds

10% SATIVA - 80% INDICA - 10% RUDERALIS THC: 22,00% CBD: 0,30% CBN: 0,10% GeneticsWest Coast OG x Gelato 41 AutoEffectsThe complexity of this strain makes it the perfect way...
Feminised Cannabis SeedsRoyal Queen Seeds

Wedding Gelato - Feminzed - Royal Queen Seeds

Featuring a complicated yet mesmerising family tree, Wedding Gelato is the lovechild of several strains working harmoniously together. Each contributor brings their own unique element. The result is an incredibly...
Dr Krippling SeedsFeminised Cannabis Seeds

Wedding Flowers - Feminzed - Dr Krippling Seeds

Krippling’s reworking of an American favourite.Citrus, berries and diesel undertones come through in these Wedding Flowers. They’re gorgeous and sublime. The smell is amazing, the taste is unforgettable……
Feminised Cannabis SeedsRoyal Queen Seeds

Wedding Crasher - Feminzed - Royal Queen Seeds

To create the luscious Wedding Crasher, Royal Queen Seeds’ breeders crossed the delicious Wedding Cake with the terpene-rich Purple Punch. This yummy dessert strain can do much more than please...
Barney's Farm SeedsFeminised Cannabis Seeds

Wedding Cake - Feminised - Barneys Farm Seeds

WEDDING CAKE™ Feminized: An unforgettable journey into the land of delight begins with a single taste of this Indica dominant SUPER POTENT fiend of a strain. Its family line oozes...
Auto Flowering Cannabis SeedsFeminised Cannabis Seeds

Watermelon Auto - Feminzed & Autoflowering - Royal Queen Seeds

Some smokers select their strains based purely on effects, whereas others centre their choices around taste. Watermelon Automatic ticks both of these boxes, delivering a potent psychoactive effect alongside a...
Feminised Cannabis SeedsGreen House Seeds

Velvet Moon - Feminzed - Green House Seeds

The Velvet moon is the result of Green House Seeds' selection of the famous Dosidos from USA, crossed with one of the last breeding project made by Franco, the Holy...
Feminised Cannabis SeedsHumboldt Seed Company Seeds

Vanilla Frosting - Feminzed - Humboldt Seed Company Seeds

Improving the Gelato lines of the past few years, this strain steers away from squat flowers and heads to the skies. Prioritizing hybrid vigour and THC production, these seeds will...
Delicious SeedsFeminised Cannabis Seeds

Unknown Kush - Feminised - Delicious Seeds

Our new strain, which we’ve decided to call “Unknown Kush” (DS23), has a high level of THC and has been developed for medicinal use. To achieve this, we’ve used one...
Feminised Cannabis SeedsG13 Labs Seeds

Tropical Punch - Feminized - G13 Labs Seeds

G13 Labs present the all new Tropical Punch come from crossing Purple Punch and Tropicanna Cookies. Created from impressive lineage, having Larry OG, Granddaddy Purple, Tangie and GSC as ancestors....