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Auto Blueberry® has quickly become the connoisseur choice of autoflower.  It combines authentic Blueberry aroma and flavour thanks to a careful breeding program which crossed a very special Blueberry female with an indica dominant auto.  Selective back-crossing until the F4 generation gave a fully automatic Blueberry, the F4 was self-pollinated to create the F5 seeds which have become a must-grow variety for anyone looking for a luxurious genuine Blueberry experience in a fast autoflower form.  

Auto Blueberry is an Indica dominant autoflower with a very fast growing cycle of 8-9 weeks on average from seed to harvest. This unique strain belongs to Dutch Passion's "Blue Family" because of its unique terpene profile with a blueberry aroma and taste. She can show beautiful dark purple colours in the buds during the flowering phase, this can be enhanced by low (night) temperatures at the end of the flowering phase. Auto Blueberry is a strong, robust autoflower strain that is very suitable for novice growers both outdoors and indoors. This strain practically grows on her own. Whether in the garden or in a pot, it does very well in both. Make sure you have a sunny spot outside, as this benefits the final size of the plant and the quality of the buds. Auto Blueberry can deliver good yields in a wide variety of growing conditions. Whether you are a novice grower with growing conditions that are not quite perfect or an experienced grower with the best growing conditions looking for the highest quality, this Dutch Passion auto is a perfect choice. One of the reasons this strain has become so famous, beyond its aroma and flavour, is that it is quick and easy to grow. In addition, the high is incredibly strong and enjoyable, on the same quality level as a traditional photoperiod variety. If you've never grown an autoflower before, this is the ideal strain to start with. Fast, robust and easy, this strain requires no special cultivation knowledge to ensure a great tasting yield. Indoors under lamps, it does well in soil, coco and in a hydro system. However, Dutch Passion only recommend the latter for the most experienced growers, but of course the highest yields can be achieved with hydroponics.

Auto Blueberry is an Indica-dominant autoflower with a powerful high that will mainly give a body effect. True Blueberry enthusiasts believe that it is best to consume this strain in the evening. The effect is narcotic, comfortable and soothing. After smoking this variety you will get a relaxed feeling and you will sink into your couch. The strong high makes you want to relax, many growers also indicate that she can ensure a good night's sleep. If you're looking for an energetic strain to smoke during the day, Auto Blueberry may not be the one for you. But if you're looking for a strain with a strong body high to relax you, this Blueberry autoflower is perfect.

Auto Blueberry takes on average only 8-9 weeks in total to fully ripen. This fast flowering time makes her one of the fastest, if not the fastest, autoflowers available. It will remain compact to medium in size and most plants will stay around 50-75cm. In perfect growing conditions and in, for example, a hydro system, this strain can grow above 100 cm - though this is exceptional. During this short growing cycle, Auto Blueberry generally remains quite compact and small. Most of the energy goes to its main bud, usually only a few side buds can be found. This makes the plant ideal for a SOG setup. The fast flowering time in combination with the compact structure can provide a fantastic 'Sea of Green'.

An average yield of around 50g per plant will be achievable for most home growers. The more experienced growers can take these genetics to the next level and in the right hands, yields of a few hundred grams per plant are possible. This Indica-dominant autoflower variety has compact buds in addition to a compact structure. The buds will be firm and heavy. Indoors in a controlled environment you can achieve a yield of between 350-500g/m2. This yield range relates to the growing method, the number of plants and the 'skillset' of the grower. Beginners rarely achieve the same yields as experienced growers. Auto Blueberry also does well outdoors and it is recommended to put her in a sunny spot. If she doesn't receive enough sun, the buds will remain more "fluffy" and the yield will be lower. Outdoor average yields of 25-75g per plant are possible.

Most plants have the famous Blueberry flavours and colours; she will yield very well with dense solid buds that are soaked with resin and are very potent.  Auto Blueberry® gives a smooth, hugely enjoyable yet powerful Indica effect which lasts several hours.  Everyone should try growing this variety at least once!