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The strongest THC-rich auto Dutch Passion have ever seen! Auto Cinderella Jack® is a feminized autoflower developed in collaboration with Buddha Seeds, the innovative autoflower growers from Spain. The original genetics have only been selected based on THC content. Professional laboratory analysis was used at every stage of development to ensure that the base genetics with high THC levels remained stable over several generations and in all individual plants.

These autoflowering cannabis seeds are also very suitable for commercial cultivation by licensed producers and growers who make concentrates. Due to the high cannabinoid and terpene profile, this is the perfect variety for producers of Rosin, BHO, Glass, Shatter, Wax and other cannabis concentrates.

An extremely potent and tasty autoflower that, in addition to a very strong high, also has a wonderfully fresh and fruity, pine-like aroma and taste.

An easy to grow plant that does well both in the hands of a beginner and in the hands of an expert.

Compact plants of medium height with strong branches and full-flower clusters. Due to its compact buds this autoflower strain is also easy to harvest.

Auto Cinderella Jack is the perfect autoflower seed for growers looking for the highest possible quality in a cannabis strain. The dried buds of this strain are not recommended for novice smokers because of the extremely high THC percentage.