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From Breaking Buds Seeds, they took the same clone of Matanuska Tundra that was used for their legendary Blue Sky 99%. This was then stabilised with a male NYC Diesel Auto giving pure American lineage patterns. After six generations of breeding Breaking Buds achieved a stable autoflowering of variety when the sampling hit 80% of stability. In other words: when about 80% of the plants had branched out with resinous aspect. This strain is perfect for BHO extractions.

The plants present a medium-sized branched out structure with the appearance of a recently pruned bush. Branches with long lines of pointy buds. Suitable for those who can only have a few plants. Despite its size, it's still a productive plant. Almost overly sweet caramel-like chocolate scent with few touches of wild fruits. A smooth plant to smoke with its mild effect and lots of laughs. Compatible with alcohol and appropriate to hang out with.

Genetics: Matanuska Tundra x NYC Diesel Auto

Flowering: 65 days

Height: Medium

Production: Medium