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By deliberately not completely stabilizing this strain, many different phenotypes can be found. This makes the strain ideal for ‘pheno-hunters’ and growers looking for a strain which delivers different types of flavours, scents, colours and effects. About ¼ of the plants can get purple and pink colours in the buds, these are the most special in appearance.

In a packet of C-Vibez seeds it is not difficult to find different phenotypes which will appeal to you. Some will have effects which may suit you at different times of the day, or for different moods. Have fun hunting for your favourite phenotype!

All C-Vibez plants look super frosty. In general, the aroma is best described as sweet and fruity. There are also phenotypes that lean more towards the traditional Haze aroma, slightly acidic, piney and spicy. But this is never the dominant aroma. Other phenotypes can smell a bit more like a Cheese strain - a bit musty and chewy, like opening a bag of cheetos!

By deliberately not fully stabilizing this strain, the spread of phenotypes ensures that there is something beautiful for every grower.

C-Vibez is one of the strongest cannabis strains in the Dutch Passion cannabis seed collection. With consistent, extremely high THC levels of between 20-25% this strain belongs firmly in their exclusive ‘Extremely High' THC seed category for a reason. Every single phenotype they sent to the lab came back with over 20% THC! The perfect cannabis strain for the more experienced smokers among us!