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Passion Fruit is a hybrid variety that is the result of crossing two incredibly fruity varieties to create something even better than the original parent varieties. The buds of this variety smell like you have just set foot in a candy shop!

Most dominant are the more sweet, citrus, sour and orange aromas. You can expect a unique grape flavour profile which is super tasty. If you want a delicious, rich and supremely powerful cannabis variety with genuine fruit-taste overload then you will love Passion Fruit feminised seeds!

Passion Fruit is a really vigorous hybrid variety which ensures buds of premium potency levels. THC levels can reach great heights if this variety is perfectly cared for. This variety is known to be quite resilient and forgiving. She will have very sticky buds so be aware if nurturing your plants during late flowering as you can literally become covered in sticky resin. Watch out if you brush your clothes against this aromatic fruity variety in late bloom - you will retain the powerful fruity scent of this potent feminised seed variety for quite some time!

Passion Fruit quickly gained a reputation amongst repeat growers for its unique terpene profile, high yields and potent flowers. It is the result of crossing two very strong and stable genetic lines into something new and exciting.

The Passion Fruit name was derived from the appealing smell and great taste of the buds. It is slightly sour, sweet and fruity with a hint of grapes which reminded the Dutch Passion test team of real passion fruit.

Passion Fruit is a hybrid cannabis variety that would be best described as a 50% Indica/ 50% Sativa variety which leans slightly to the Sativa side. However, due to the Indica heritage, you may be lucky enough to find the Indica leaning phenotype as well. Passion Fruit has what is known as hybrid vigour. This means that she has the genetic disposition to grow particularly quickly and explode during flowering. This makes Passion Fruit an ideal candidate for both a SOG style of growing as well as growing under 12/12 light from seed. Passion Fruit is also well suited to SCROG growing techniques with just a few plants (or perhaps only 1 plant) per m2.

Passion Fruit responds very well to bending and supercropping. Topping and fimming is recommended if you want an even bushier plant structure. Passion Fruit is a high yielding feminised cannabis seed variety. In the right hands she can reward the grower with an extraordinary large harvest and that’s the reason she was marked as an XXL variety.

Passion Fruit is a powerful hybrid with THC levels of around 20%, she is definitely considered a strong variety. Dutch Passion have seen phenotypes of around 25% THC and in some cases THC levels of around 30% THC have been reported, though not yet confirmed by their own lab testing.

These unusually high THC levels show the remarkable genetic potential of this variety. The effect is powerful and cerebral yet not devastating nor paranoid. Passion Fruit will get you as high as a kite, but you will still able to function. Dutch Passion believe the crossing has produced just the right amount of both Indica and Sativa genes.

Original Orange Bud genetics help to keep the high uplifting and social. Be in no doubt, Passion Fruit is exceptionally strong and delivers a superb feel-good high. This is also an excellent variety for the grower seeking exceptional quality THC-rich plants to use as eventual mother plants.