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It has a great vigorous growth with strong side branches ready to hold the weight of the heavy flowers.   

The plant is very resistant to most of the external problems related to growing such as mold/fungus or other pest infections which is very helpful, especially for outdoor growers.   

During the flowering period, the plant expresses its beautiful pine tree shaped structure with short internodes that will allow many flower sites to develop. The flowers of the GH Amnesia are covered in  shiny trichomes that will fill the room of citrusy aroma and they are very compact, producing conically shaped, heavy buds. 

The flavors of the GH Amnesia are an intense mix of lemony aromas combined with a creaminess that reminds of freshly pressed olive oil and is complemented by light nutty and hazey notes on the inhale. The room will instantly be filled with the smell of the flower when burning , a very distinct and potent smell that is very particular to the Amnesia and which will last for a while in the air and in your palate.  

The effects of the Amnesia are a good mix of the indica head and body buzz, balanced by the uplifiting effect of the sativa heritage. It will come very quickly and last for a while with a very relaxing effect.