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Auto Pineapple Express #2 is an auto-flowering marijuana strain. Quick, vigorous, very stable and productive. Its original earthy flavour with lime hints and fruity back notes, has an incredibly strong cerebral effect. It´s a great strain for those seeking high yields and quality in auto strains. Like its predecessor, our Pineapple Express auto, this plant has compact, resinous buds, thin stems and grows robust and energetic. Due to its short flowering time, the plant, though slightly prone to fungi and mould, is resistant and unlikely to catch any typical illnesses derived from excessive moisture. Auto Pineapple Express #2 just loves being exposed to light and you´ll see it enjoying proper nutrition and enough light around. She´ll give back to you with luscious buds covered with resin and skunk aroma, with fruity, sweet back notes with woody and spiced exhale. Filters are recommended.