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Frisian Dew is a perfect hybrid cannabis plant with a fresh, fruity, floral taste and aroma. It can vary from fruity (forest fruits) and slightly lemon-like to more pine-like and lavender. Some phenotypes smell a bit more like earth, ammonia and herbs - a characteristic from her Skunk parents. Her terpene profile is unique and provides a pleasant smoking experience. A beautiful outdoor feminised variety that also tastes great!

Frisian Dew is widely known for its great yields. It goes without saying that the buds can become very large and fat. It's that perfect blend of Indica and Sativa genes which take care of development, producing abundant growth and and heavy blooms. Most phenotypes also have a very favourable flower to leaf ratio.

Frisian Dew is the result of years of crossbreeding/development of both Skunk and Purple genetics. This time consuming process ultimately produced a very stable and strong outdoor feminised seed variety. Her genetics are known for high yields and high quality. She is also very easy to grow. She doesn't need any special feeding schedules and she can handle just about any type of weather condition, cold and wet or hot and dry, Frisian Dew can handle it!

She isn’t suitable for indoor growing but is perfectly suited to outdoor growing and greenhouses. In the right circumstances and with the right care the plant can grow to one of epic proportions. Plants of 3.5 m high by 3.5 m wide are no exception. In most cases, Frisian Dew is ready for outdoor harvest in October (Northern Hemisphere). In greenhouses it can sometimes be a few weeks earlier in the right circumstances. But bear in mind that it is precisely during these last weeks that the most bud weight is produced by the plants. Harvesting too early can therefore lead to a lower yield.

Frisian Dew is an outdoor winner and the best all-rounder from the Dutch Passion Outdoor feminised seed collection. She flourishes in all climates and is very resistant to severe weather conditions. Her thick elongated buds are a real feast for the eyes! About 50% of the plants have purple hues in the tops. There are also completely green phenotypes. But on the other hand, some plants are completely purple.