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Kerosene Krash is one of the most pungent and most powerful cannabis strains in the Dutch Passion collection. This strain was created by crossing a GG #4 (formerly Gorilla Glue) with a male Sherbet. Both parents are known worldwide for their potent buds and strong aroma. GG#4 leans towards earthy, sour and gassy, Sherbet is a little sweeter and fruitier.

Both varieties are bestsellers in the U.S. and have amassed a large number of fans and repeat growers. Dutch Passion's crossing combines the best of these 2 worlds, ensuring that the potent and aromatic nature of both strains is preserved. Expect wonderful smelling buds which are so pungent that an ordinary plastic ziplock bag simply can't contain the penetrating aroma. Most phenotypes will lean more towards the earthy, gassy side. But there are also phenotypes that lean a little more towards the Sherbet's fruity, sometimes sweet and citrusy side.

Kerosene Krash is a real blast. She has THC-rich buds which can easily exceed 20% THC with the right care and in a good environment. Even among novice growers, she can achieve 15-20% THC without any problems. This ensures a strong high that hits quickly and lasts for a long time. The effect can best be described as relaxed and pleasant. It is a hybrid high that combines both physical and mental effects. The high comes in nicely, you don't have to smoke a lot to get 'stoned'. But if you do decide to smoke a little bit more, prepare for to get seriously krashed!