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Think Different is an autoflower seed variety based on AK420 genetics with a nice fresh and fruity taste profile. The buds may not have the same penetrating odour as a pure Kush or pure Haze, but they smell very subtle and balanced. A nice fruity aroma with notes of citrus fruit, mint, pine and sweetness. Wonderful to smoke! These cannabis seeds produce autoflower plants with a high THC content and a strong high, even for the most experienced smokers.

Think Different is known for its great yields. For both beginners and experts, she is the right auto strain for growers looking for a high yield. These autoflower seeds produce strong and large plants that will be filled from head to toe with large flowers. Her buds are of a hybrid structure that can be both very long and thick. They may not the most compact buds but certainly this is one of the largest and most abundant producers!

These high THC autoflowering seeds are a good alternative to traditional photoperiod varieties. Both yield and quality will be of the same high standard that you are used to from good photoperiod cannabis plants. With an average THC content of 15-20%, this is definitely an autoflower that you can safely call strong!

Novice growers can quite easily achieve a yield of about 100g of dry buds per plant. For experienced growers, harvesting several hundred grams per plant is not difficult. With the right cultivation techniques and methods, Think Different can grow into an autoflower of epic proportions. Indoors, she can easily deliver 500+g/m², especially when conditions are optimised.